Dance classes for children in Whitefield

Dance Studio 1 allows your children to learn to dance, have fun and stay active!

Help your child to develop their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills through dance. We at Dance Studio 1 believe all children can learn to dance and improve their fitness. Classes will help your child become more confident, give them great posture and let them use their imagination through movement.

We have several exam sessions each year providing the children with the opportunity to showcase their talents and develop their skills. We also have a large, spectacular show every two years.

Our dance classes include:

  • Children's ballet classes
  • Children's jazz classes
  • Children's tap classes
  • Children's theatre classes
  • Fast track for late starters
  • Private tuition for teaching qualifications
  • Examination coaching

Dance Studio 1 have a range of classes, exams and shows for your children to immerse themselves in.

Learning to dance is a fantastic way of keeping your child active and stimulated; it's also great fun to watch them go!

woman, girls and a children in a dance studio against a white wall
young girl weaing a tutu sitting down putting on ballet shoes

Get your kids dancing with Dance Studio 1, call now to enquire about a free trial period: 0161 796 6005

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